[Mar2017] Geometallurgical Workflows to Optimize Mining Decisions

This was a CIM Public Lecture offered at McGill University in March 2017, thanks to the kind invitation by Dr. Roussos Dimitrakopoulos.

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Geometallurgical Workflows to Optimize Mining Decisions

Julian M. Ortiz (Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining, Queen’s University)

In this presentation, several examples are provided of an integrated approach to model processes involving geology, mining, mineral processing and metallurgy. A general framework for modelling geometallurgical workflows is presented to solve different problems in the mining value chain. Particular emphasis is put on quantitatively modelling textures and alteration types as important inputs for predicting geometallurgical behavior, and using geostatistical modelling to improve mine planning. An outlook of other workflows is provided to encourage a discussion in the subject.