Annual Report 2020

The Annual Report for 2020 presents the different topics researched during the last year. All papers are open to the general public for reference, in order to encourage collaboration with other research groups and industry.

Please contact Prof. Julian M. Ortiz if you would like to discuss a collaborative project.

The contents of the Annual Report 2020 can be downloaded in a single pdf document or as individual papers.

Table of contents

Ortiz JM (2020) An Introduction to Sequential Gaussian Simulation, paper 2020-01
Faraj F, Ortiz JM (2020) An unsupervised clustering approach for the geostatistical domaining of univariate data, paper 2020-02
Avalos S, Ortiz JM (2020) Multiple-point statistics: tools and methods, paper 2020-03
Riquelme A, Ortiz JM (2020) A short note on a Multi-Gaussian model for multivariate estimation and simulation, paper 2020-04
Riquelme A, Ortiz JM (2020) Investigating the application of random fields on manifolds in geostatistical modeling, paper 2020-05
Casson D, Ortiz JM (2020) Variograms of order w to measure departures from multiGaussianity, paper 2020-06
Cevik SI, Ortiz JM (2020) Machine learning in the mineral resource sector: An overview, paper 2020-07
Altinpinar M, Ortiz JM (2020) Review of causal inference and modeling, paper 2020-08
Altinpinar M, Sari YA, Ortiz JM (2020) Synthetic high-resolution ore deposit model and mine plan, paper 2020-09
Garrido M, Townley B, Ortiz JM (2020) Validation of geostatistical simulations of porphyry deposit through geological approach using ioGAS, paper 2020-10
Avalos S, Ortiz JM (2020) A guide for pseudoflow in python, paper 2020-11
Avalos S, Ortiz JM (2020) Ultimate pit policy via sequential Gaussian simulation, paper 2020-12
Moraga C, Kracht, W, Ortiz JM (2020) Mineral processing modeling: a review, paper 2020-13
Moraga C, Kracht, W, Ortiz JM (2020) Geometallurgical modeling of generic mineral processing plants, paper 2020-14
Garrido M, Townley B, Ortiz JM, Castro J (2020) Integrating geometallurgical best practices in CIM definition standards guidelines, paper 2020-15